Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen Twirly Skirt

free spirit beauty queen

Today, I am guest blogging over at Sew McCool showing you how to ruffle knit fabrics

However, I also want to share with you all this skirt I  made for my oldest daughter out of Jennifer Paganelli's lovely new fabric line, Beauty Queen. I am very lucky to be considered one of Jennifer's "lovelies" and she sent me this fabric as a preview of her line.  There were no strings attached with the gift but how could I not sew something up quickly and share about it when Beauty Queen has finally arrived in stores!  Thank you kindly Jennifer for sharing your lovely fabric with me!

I used my twirly skirt tutorial to create this skirt. This is a size 14 and I decided to add a three inch ruffle to the bottom for an extra pop of color.  Otherwise, this is the twirly skirt seen in my tutorial. I used Jennifer's Valerie in Yellow and Katie Stripe in Midnight to make this fun skirt. My daughter loves it and said the fabrics are beautiful.  Her little sister said this makes her look like a college girl.  That comment was too cute not to share. 

free spirit beauty queenfree spirit  beauty queen

free spirit beauty queen

You can find more of this beautiful line by clicking the SisBoom link in my side bar!

And you can buy some from my lovely friend Wei at One Red Blossom.  
She has it in stock NOW.  I already got more for me. Jennifer also sent me some Charlotte in green but I needed a bit more to finish the Sisboom Jenny tunic I am making for me. Look for that to be shared in the next week or two!  Such lovely lovely fabric. 

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  1. Huh! I swore I commented on this when it originally published -- how she looks like a college girl to me, too. Odd.

    Anyway...Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday!