Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sew 4 me linky party coming soon

 I am excited to announce my latest blog project and that is to start a linky party just for us to share the sewing we do for ourselves.   Starting next Tuesday, every Tuesday will have a linky party that will stay up until the weekend. You will be able to link up any sewing projects you do for yourself, whether they be accessories, purses, clothing, or anything you can physically wear on your body. You can be male or female. The only rules are that it must be sewn by you, it must be for your body, and your sewing and pictures must be tasteful for family viewing.  

The linky party will start at 6am Pacific Standard Time on Tuesdays and stay open until midnight Fridays. Saturdays, I will feature a few of my favorite items for a weekend post wrapping it all up.  It will be fun. This will also be a hashtag (#sew4me) so you can share on twitter and instagram.

For example, I made myself a Versatile Wrap Skirt from Make it Perfect patterns. I made mine reversible even though the pattern does not show how.  I just made two skirts and put them together then turned my bottom trim into binding. Voila! Reversible summer skirt.  I used more Jennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen fabrics, which I am in love with.

 make it perfect versatile skirt pattern

make it perfect wrap skirt pattern

This is a versatile and easy-to-follow pattern.  Making it double-sided without directions was a big challenging but it turned out pretty cute.  I like the wrap-around part of it. I accidentally made mine a tad shorter than I had hoped (binding accident) but it is still going to be a fun skirt for summer.  

make it perfect skirt sewing pattern

So,  get ready go start sharing your sewing projects weekly, the ones you do for you.  And remember that it is NOT selfish to sew for yourself. You are important, too, and you need fun sewing items in your wardrobe. So, start your sewing now and come back next Tuesday to share. 

Note:  After publishing this post, I was asked if you need a blog to be part of the linky. No! You can also share to my FB blog page, see link in left sidebar. I will be sure to share that each week!


  1. YAY! GREAT party idea!!!

    Also, I love this skirt. And I love it on you. And I love it that length (even if it was unintentional).

  2. Will be there with bells on! And Tuesday is the perfect day for me too :D

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! It looks great on you!

  4. Love the reversible skirt. I wish I would have time to sew before I leave for my European tour. I would love to join...lets see!

  5. I think I will try this as my first linky party. I will learn to sew for myself, I will. This will be good motivation.

  6. It's already Tuesday evening over this side of the world hehe
    Where do I post the pics of my tunic & dress I sewed this past week Kathy? ;)