Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Knit Together in Love Fundraiser

**FRIDAY, MAY 9, 10 AM CST**

 The community that has sprung up online around the brand Matilda Jane Clothing is amazing. These (mostly) ladies not only buy clothing from MJC and from other brands in the style of MJC but they stick together through thick and thin.  In the many years I have been a fan of MJC, I have seen numerous fundraisers for members of the extended MJC community. I have seen this community bond together to help families after a loss, to help families struggling to pay medical bills, and more. 

But there is more to this community than the people who buy the clothing. There is also the sewing community that has sprung up as MJC led buyers to other boutique shops for clothing. As MJC has grown, the desire to buy handmade clothing from American women sewing at home has also grown. And one of these home sewists is Laura Kae Kirkwold.  Laura works at home, to help support her family, making not only lovely boutique-style dresses for little girls but also wedding and prom dresses for women. She can pretty much sew anything and is the sweetest person in the world.  Check out her work on her facebook page or her website.

Sadly, Laura's family has been struggling lately.  Her husband has breast cancer. Yes, men have breast tissue and can get breast cancer. His struggle is getting worse and the medical bills are mounting.  You can read about his struggle here.  So, the sewing and MJC communities are working together to raise some funds to help out lovely Laura and her sweet family.  

This Friday, May 9th, there will be a vast array of lovely items, from purses for mamas to dresses for girls and everything in between,  for sale on Big Cartel, on a site created especially to benefit Laura and her family. All sales will go directly to Laura's family to help them with their struggle.  The sewing and crafting community has knit together this fundraiser out of our love for Laura.

Here are some of the items you will find for sale on Friday.  A number of my sewing friends and I are participating because Laura is THAT sweet.

 (that's my little one in a size 6 dress I made for this event)

Ashley at Chickadee Chickadee made this fabulously twirly dress for the sale.

 Annecarole of Annie's Classics made this lovely carousel dress.

This adorably cute outfit was made by Mary at Tickled Pink Girls. 

 Please check out the sale by clicking on the store logo below.  All sale proceeds will go directly to Laura and each seller will pay out of pocket to ship the item to the buyer.  I am not yet sure what time the sale starts but you can check my fb page (link----> ) and I will update there.

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