Monday, November 21, 2011

Loving Children at Play

I ordered some Sarah Jane Children at Play fabric when it first came out and have been looking at it ever since.  I love it!  It is so cute and colorful, but so not very fall at all.  Therefore, it sat in my cupboard for a while until I finally couldn't stand seeing what others were doing with it and made this dress.  My four year old picked out which fabrics she wanted to use and where they would go, with assistance from me.  I used McCalls 5835 pattern, with a lot of adjustments and alterations.  This is one horribly written pattern, yet I like it for the pieces.  I made adjustments to the bodice as follows in this tutorial.   And, for this particular dress, I added 1/3 to the width of the skirt by adding a blue panel in the middle front and back.  Further, I took the ruffle and doubled it's length.   And I left off the sleeves, per you know who's request.  So, here is the result.  It is 39 degrees in this picture, but sunny, so she thought it would be a perfect dress to play outside.  Go figure!  At least, it twirled nicely!