Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat-proof project board, a tutorial

 Today, I am channeling Lindsay, at The Cottage Home.  First of all, I loved her post about flea market finds. I have a collection of wooden spools that came with my late grandmother's sewing kit.  I could not find a lid to a mason jar but I did find a mason jar and put Grandma's spools in it and one of her hankies on top.  I think it is sweet inbetween Muffy Vanderbear and Christopher Raikesbear.  (both of which I have had since high school and will not let my children play with).

 But, that left the rest of my sewing corner looking rather blah. I have tried putting up cork board, on these walls, but my cats seem to think the cork is for them to use to sharpen their claws.   They have destroyed several corkboards!  So, I decided, instead, to make a cloth idea board, a cat-proof project board.   Here is how I did it!

I keep small scraps of fabric in a few bins, for use to make doll clothing and other projects.  I found a bunch of them which looked nice together.  

I made a 4 inch by 4 inch template out of cardstock.

After ironing, I cut out a bunch of 4" squares.  

I then laid them out in a pleasing manner. Mind you, I do not quilt so this is new to me.  I also found some skinny pieces of fabric and sewed them all together to make binding.  The skinnies were all three inches wide. 

I started sewing everything together in an orderly manner.

Like so

and sew

 I found some little used fabric to use as backing.

In my Pellon fusible collection, I found a very stiff piece that had originally been purchased to make a hat.  It felt perfect to use as backing. Any fairly thick fusible will do for this project.
 Cut to size. Ironed the fusible to the backing, following directions from Pellon.

And took the whole thing outside so I could use my quilting spray glue.  Please do not use this kind of spray glue indoors. I don't want to hear about you passing out from fumes!

I then attached the binding as best I could. As a non quilter, this was a challenge. 

I sewed some ribbon loops on the back, tucking the ends under the binding.

And voila! It is all done. Looks like a placemat, huh?  Well, it is going to be great on my wall and the cats should, hopefully, ignore it!

I think it looks good in my sewing corner.  

Here they are with ideas on them. My girls have designed dresses for me to sew for them.  I pinned them in place with sewing pins, not push pins.  Works great!  I may make another one for the other side of that clock. This would also be a great project for a young person learning to sew.

And, back to channeling Cottage Mama again, I made a pincushion ring, as per her tutorial!  I plan to use it while I am sewing, to catch those pins that get in the way.   

Just call me 70s split level home mama!  

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