Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paulina's Fancy Sash Dress

Having made little sister a new dress, featured here, it is time to give big sister some fabric love.  I wanted the two sisters to have somewhat similar dresses, but not exactly. Even though they are 10 and almost 6, they do like to match from time to time.  Looking through my patterns, I found Mary's Fancy Sash Dress in my copy of Jennifer Paganelli's Girl's World. Perfect!  And Voila, here we have Paulina's Fancy Sash Dress. 

The main fabric is, again, Jennifer's Crazy Love Natasha in Green.  The sash is from Jennifer's Honey Child collection and is Rosetta in Blue.  I love that colors from her collections compliment each other, so we can mix and match. 

My children have sensitive skin so I made a few changes to this pattern. I made the bodice fully lined.  I took the same idea I learned making the Perfect Party Dress for little sister and incorporated it into this pattern.  Came out great.

This is a pullover dress so it is a tad loose on top but that is no bother. This was made with room to grow.

She wanted to show off the skirt.

Girl's World is a great book. It has lots of patterns you can sew for your girl AND with your girl.  There are a few more dresses I want to make for her, like the Josie or the Tallulah, and we want to make the George stuffed dog together. I think that will be a fun beginner sew project for her.  And there is more!  Lots more.  You can check it out at this link. Be sure to look inside!

And not to be outdone by little sister's tiara, every 10 year old needs her own crown!

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