Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sewing Lara and sorta-Sienna

I got to test out a new pattern recently. It is called Lara and is by a dear lady, Mira, of Tulips and Edelweiss.  Lara is a ruffled hoodie for girls. It can be made from velveteen or cotton knit or even microfleece.  It is very lady-like, according to one of my daughters.  I made a version in cotton knit, for my youngest daughter.  For fabric, I went stash diving in the bins in my garage and found some jersey knit from Chez Ami and some Michael Miller cotton knits. This is not a simple pattern but it went together very nicely.  It is meant for intermediate level sewists, so be aware that it is a great pattern but not simple.  It is well written with excellent directions.

You know a girl needs an outfit to go with a smashing hoodie like that! So, I used Lilblueboo Sienna dress pattern as the basis to come up with this cutiepie dress.  It doesn't resemble Sienna much anymore! I got creative and wung it as I sewed, adding ruffles to the sleeves, a gathered skirt, and side panels in turquoise rib knit.

It looks pretty cute with the hoodie!  
She loves it and won't take it off, so I count that as a great success.

Love sewing for this one!


  1. So sweet, great job. Love it!!! I am goi g to try it this upcoming weekend.

    Tianas Treasures

  2. Glad to see this on one my dg's size. Was not sure it would be okay but this is great!

  3. I love it with the longer zipper! Great job, I need to make this pattern too!

  4. The hoodie and dress look great! I love all the ruffles.:)

  5. Fabulous sewing with great selection of fabrics colors and prints!!