Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Blog Design

I have been blogging for a few years but this year I have decided to get serious about it. So, that meant making my blog look really nice and inviting to read.  I tried free backgrounds and headers for a few days and could not find anything that made me happy.  So, I took a leap and bought a Blog Design Package from Simply Creative, on Etsy. 

I love Magaly's designs.  They are cute and fresh and fun and not expensive.  They are not custom or unique to the purchaser.  You might end up sharing them with another blogger. But, for the price, that is perfectly fine with me.   And, they are simply adorable and well made and she provides excellent customer service.  She also sells logos, watermarks, made to match designs, and Etsy shop packages. I decided to buy the blog package to match the Etsy shop package I bought from her a few years ago.  For $30, I got a banner with my blog name and tag line, two blog buttons to match, two backgrounds to choose from, a signature pic, and six color codes.  Love it!!  And it all came with easy to understand instructions on how to upload to blogger.  Took me about ten minutes to get it all uploaded!  Love it!  Don't you!


  1. I do love it. I had no clue you could buy all of the background stuff for a blog or etsy. I guess I should do some investigating. . . .
    Dawn Hoge

  2. Love it Kathy, looks so fresh and pretty!