Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dizzy me and Sienna

I am doing some catchup blogging! I had a bad case of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (aka I was dizzy) for a few months and was not able to do much of anything. I am now finally on the mend, after some great physical therapy and a round of prednisone.  I am lucky to have an awesome otolaryngologist (ENT).  

Here is one project I completed before that happened. This is Lilblueboo Sienna pattern made with the most lovely Lillestoff fabric imported from Europe by a sweet friend who runs the Burlap Button Shop on Etsy.  She has been tempting me SOOO much with these Euro cotton knits and the ribbons and patterns!  Too die for! 

So, I made this:

 I modified the pattern a tiny bit to make a SUPER twirly skirt.  This is a nice pattern. She does the binding for the neck slightly different than other patterns I own and it lays flat much more nicely.  It comes with nice directions that are fairly easy to follow and a lot of variations.  I highly recommend this pattern.

The leggings were a winging it project, using an Ottobre leggings pattern. I am not sure which one because I have so many Ottobre leggings pattern!  I used the rolled edge setting on the serger to attach a bit of fabric as a cuff of sorts.  Voila!  My kindergartner loves them!  This fabric is soft and stretchy and washed up great. It is pricey, but worth it.

PS If you ever have BPPV, read this and find a good physical therapist! 

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  1. she is so sweet in her photos! I can't imagine her ever NOT being a sweetheart :) Love that outfit! My girls BOTH love these fabric combos!! We love some Little Blue Boo too!!! Thanks for sharing Kathy! Can't wait until I get the new Lillestoff in this month!!!