Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A quick gadget case

I tried a new pattern today!  Monkeysbug's Gadget Case for iPhone iPod Kindle Nook Tablet Smartphone PDF eBook pattern.  It was super quick and easy.  Took me about an hour to make.  And now my iphone is sheltered from the dirt and detritus so common in a mom's purse. 

I love Michael Miller's Big E fabric and have been hoarding my scraps just for such a project.   And it matches my phone case so nicely.  

Looks good! 

And thank you to my sewing buddie, Carrie, for posting about sewing buttons on using your machine.  I figured it out!  I do not have foot T for my Janome but I wunged it (winged it??) using my regular foot.  Looks good. Seems secure. What could be better?

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  1. LOVE that fabric and what a cute idea! Thanks for sharing Kathy!!