Thursday, March 22, 2012

new stuff in the store!

I am slowing getting back into the sewing swing of things.   I have re-opened my Etsy store, Delphinium Designs, with a few items.  Just a smidge of things I can do.  I hope to sew more in coming weeks and get even more items up.  For now, because of the herniated disc in my neck, I am going slow.  But, my neck is MUCH better, which is great.  You have no idea how great!!!

Well, anyway, back to sewing easter dresses and then I get to make a few of these lovelies for customers.  I love this fabric sooo much!  Dena Designs Monaco blue peacocks. I am fairly sure I bought the last ten yards of it last year.  And the sash print is also from Monaco.  I have this peacock fabric in blue, also, and my friend at Treasure Bay Fabrics just added it to her store in pink! I am going to have to buy some, when I plan out what to do with it.  It is softer and thicker than standard quilting wovens.  Just lovely!


  1. wow! That is beautiful, Kathy!

  2. It's a lovely dress, Kathy! This fabric wasn't even on my radar until I saw you sew with it.

  3. Thanks! I think I own the last of this fabric in the known universe! I got ten yards of ebay a while back. Score!!