Monday, March 12, 2012

Is there anything better than baby Ottobre?

I have been busy the last few weeks but unable to blog about what I have been doing because it has all been sewing for a friend!  I didn't want to ruin the surprise. However, now that her baby shower has come and gone, I can tell you about it!  

Baby Ottobre!  Oh my, what lovely patterns I had to choose from!  Several years of Ottos yielded a huge array of choices.   I decided against one-piece rompers or sleepers because I figured she would get a lot of those from other people.  Since this is a Spring baby, I decided to pick a Spring issue.  I went with issue 3/2009.  

Meet Cecile, Cassia, Toffee, Hermione, and Lola!  These were all done in fabrics from Chez Ami and Michael Miller.

Here is Toffee tunic #1 with Cassia shorts #1 and Hermione, the cutest hat in the entire world!   These were all made with Sarah Jane Children at Play fabrics, for Michael Miller.

This hat pattern was not easy.  It is not a beginner's sewing project but after much patience and more than a few seams ripped and redone, here she is in all her glory.

 I modified the pattern to add a strap so it would stay on a tiny head. 

And, yes, it is reversible!  These are all Children at Play fabrics by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller.  Love this line!

Brim can be worn up or down!

Here is Toffee tunic #2 with Cassia shorts #2.  More Sarah Jane fabrics. 

Here is Cecile blouse #1 and Lola leggings #1 made from Chez Ami cotton lycra. I modified the pattern to use fold-over elastic for the neckline. 

 Same process for Cecile #2 and Lola #2.  Also, CA fabrics. The blouse, however, is jersey this time.

The idea was to make everything mix and matchable to stretch out how often they can be worn.  Mama-to-be was very happy and I am hopeful these will get worn! I told her I will make her a stuffed doll when her little girl outgrows all of this, just so the baby can then play with the dolly, who can wear these tops and dresses!  


  1. Home made cloths are more comfortable and safer for the children as compare to ready-made outfits and your creativity is awesome and specially I like the hat.

  2. I am in love with that hat! That is the fabric I am using as the inspiration for my daughter's 1st birthday. Are you selling the hat on etsy? I would love to purchase one..thanks!

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