Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work space and organization

Yesterday, I was fed up with my fabric being spread all over the sewing area in a bunch of bins so I organized them.  The fabric I am working with for the next month is now all nicely folded on my rack.   Isn't it pretty? 

The large bins hold the knits and fleece and other fabric that I am not using.  The small bins have notions.   You might be able to tell by looking at the small bin on top of the two large ones that my ribbons are a disaster!  I am currently looking into how to organize them.  I love the idea shown here.   But I don't like how those cookie containers get brittle quickly.  We have saved them in the past for children's crafting and they become brittle in less than a year and crack easily.  The softer plastics last longer, especially the Rubbermaid brand.  I have not had a Rubbermaid container every crack!  Sterilite, on the other hand, is terrible. (I digress)

So, I am thinking of combining the blog's idea and just using my Rubbermaid bins.  I just took all the cardboard to the recycling center so I will have to wait a while to collect more.  Then, I can try out this idea of cutting the semi circles.  I still have not figured out a good way to store the ribbon circles.  Ideas?
So, here is my sewing area for now. 

Fabric Storage

More fabric, but perhaps this could be only for notions?  Not a bad idea.
Part of my Ottobre stash.   I keep the pattern maps and tracings in a file folder.
My work area.  I need something on the wall but the cats used the corkboards I had up as scratching posts.  Only one left!  Damn cats!
Sewing table, with view of front yard. I sew in the daylight basement/family room. 
Basket to left is cat bed.  They claimed it. Kinda cute.

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  1. Looks like you're off to a great start and yes, the fabric stacked on the shelfs is very pretty! I'm clueless about the best way to store ribbon. The only other way I've ever seen it done, is to leave the ribbon on the rolls it comes on and run a dowel through the middle and hang it up. Mine are tossed in a box and are all tangled up.:)