Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dresses for a preschool auction

My daughter's preschool is having a fundraiser auction and art show next weekend. I decided to contribute two dresses for the silent auction.  This is an interesting (in a good way) crowd, so I decided to make two different types of dresses.   Hopefully, they will both sell well!

 First of all, I made a simple summer knot dress.  I love this Valori Wells turquoise Olive Rose Little Roses print for the skirt and found, at my lovely local fabric store, the bodice and strap fabric to coordinate.
Secondly, I had this Vintage Rock Tshirt that neither of my daughters had ever worn.  (Stinkers!)  Anyway, I thought it would make a cute upcycle and I was right.  This is Chez Ami fabric for the skirt and Patty Young dot for the middle. 

Both modelled by my preschooler!  


  1. Both are cute! I hope they both bring in some good $$ for the fundraiser.

  2. You are in Bellingham? That is so cool. You say you have a nice quilt/fabric shop? I should check it out. You are doing what I've been told I should do, make clothes for children. In my case it's my grandchildren. Ruffles seem to be "it" and are a pain, however, I have found that using my ruffler foot for the ruffles is a MAJOR time saver. I am experimenting with my rolled-hem feet for heming the edges of the ruffles and I like that too. I 'fanned' your fb pages, can't wait to do some more browsing. Please email me when you get a chance. quiltedess at gmail dot com. Nancy on Whidbey

  3. Nice job - they are awesome!

  4. What happened to your facebook page matilda jane lookalikes? its not showing up? i'm lost without it.