Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer vacation time!

It is time for the handmadresshaven girls and I to hit the road. We are leaving dad and all the pets at home while we travel to visit the grandparents. We are extremely lucky that our parents live in lovely places (with great fabric shops) and summer is the best time to visit them. 

First stop, we will be on lovely Bainbridge Island, which is across the Puget Sound from Seattle.   Here is an image of Bainbridge taken from Google Eart (my screen shot).  See how green it is? It's a lovely little island with a lot of forest and farms and cute little town near the ferry terminal.

Here is the view from town looking over the ferry towards Seattle and the Cascade Mountains. If we are lucky, this is what our weather will look like!  

We will stay there for a few days and then head to Bend, Oregon to visit my parents. Bend is a much larger city, in the high desert, near several vacation resorts. In winter, there are lots of snow sports and, in summer, it is a hub of activities like rock climbing, white water river rafting, kayaking, fishing, camping, golf, and more. We don't do any of that, tho, but we love the historical museum, the terrain, visiting the lakes and caves, and enjoying the fourth of July festivities.   Here's an aerial shot from Google Earth.  Bend is very dry, but the green mountains are right nearby.

One of our favorite things to do is visit Drake Pond, right in the center of Bend. 

My parents live near the edge of Bend and so their nighttime view looks a bit like this. They have 8 dry acres but they are still fun for the kids. 

That is what I am going to be up to for the next week and a half. I hope to get to a few fabric stores for fun and, of course, the new Jenny Eliza line from Jennifer Paganelli will be out today, my big driving day. So, you might find the girls and I having potty stops at every Joanns between Bainbridge and Bend!  You think I am kidding!! Nope!

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