Thursday, June 5, 2014

My favorite skirt patterns

skirt patterns to sew
 It is time for the Summer of No Pants 2014 and Kids Clothes Week. (so many things happening in the sewing blogosphere)  So, I am sharing a few of my favorite skirt patterns.  And a great story!

 First up is a skirt I made for myself five years ago from Favorite Things Belle Skirt pattern.  It appears they don't sell this pattern anymore but it is a good one if you can ever find it.  The reason I am sharing this skirt now, having shared it five years ago, is that it comes with a great story that just happened last Saturday.  Last weekend, I wore this skirt on a date night with my husband. I wore it with a red tee shirt and my new Dansko sandals.  (love Dansko shoes) I had a red kerchief in my hair.  After leaving the restaurant, after two nice glasses of wine and a lovely dinner, we were laughing our way to the car, enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest still-sunny-at-8pm night, when a woman walked up to me and proclaimed, "I love you!" She was with an older woman, possibly her mother, and two children so I immediately thought she was probably not insane. And she laughed and said that she loved me for my colorful outfit and my laughter and how happy I looked. And she said, "Did you make the skirt, is it Amy Butler fabric?"  Well, way to make a fabricaholic swoon there!!  This is the first time someone on the streets has ever stopped me to talk fabric designers! I said, "No, it is Heather Bailey, but they are similar! Thank you!" And we chatted about fabric love for a minute and then went on our way. I didn't stop smiling all night. 

And that, my friends, is why sewing for yourself is so wonderful! Wearing the latest great jeans from Nordstroms with the new Coach bag is fun.  But not nearly as fun as someone recognizing the fabric you used AND the fact that you sewed for yourself AND they appreciated what you did. That was amazing! Super fun!  Astounding! I am still on cloud nine!  

And, for what it is worth, the top of the skirt is Nicey Jane fabric, the middle is Pop Garden, and the bottom is I don't remember. 

Now, go forth and sew for yourself and share it at sew4me every week! 

2. Next up, I used Sew Serendipity's Fashion Formula Skirts Mini Book to make this faux wrap skirt of my lovely sister in law.   I love this pattern book. It has three skirts in it plus several variations of each so you really can make probably a dozen skirts from this booklet and still not be bored.  This is a faux wrap because it is really a big pleat in the front.  It has a drawstring all the way through the waistband. The string goes behind the pleat so the pleat lays flat in front.  I think it looks nice! My lovely sil, Bonnie, picked the pattern from my choices and sent me the fabric and let me do my thing!

 2.  And finally, I had enough fabric left over to make my niece, Lake this skirt from Monkeysbug's Twirly Skirt Pattern.  I have also owned this pattern for years and have made many.  I think it is the perfect little girl skirt. It is super twirly! And super easy to make.  

So, there you have three of my favorite skirt patterns. Now, go forth and sew!

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  1. Love the story of meeting a fellow fabric lover! How fun! And Dansko really is the best.