Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blogging decisions and choices

up parasol by heather bailey

My new fabric arrived on Monday!  You are looking at a picture of what will become fall clothing for my soon-to-be second grader. Yes, she wears pink and floral all year round. There is very little in her wardrobe that is not pink and purty and that is fine by me. She will be a bored tween soon, followed by the disaffected, disinterested teen years, so I am going to milk this pink, purty stage for as long as I can.  What you see above will be come Millie Rose Flutter dresses and Brownie-goose Pepper and who knows what else I will come up with.  Maybe something from my large Ottobre stash!

What are you looking at is Dena Designs Tiddlywinks and Heather Bailey Up Parasol.  


Someone asked me, after Monday's post about blogging, why I bother blogging if I don't have the time to commit to it full time and try to earn a living off it.  The answer is that I see my blog as a sort of journal for me to share my ideas with others who enjoy the same kind of thinking. And, I see my blog as a way of connecting my creativity with that of other people who are also creative in the same way.  I blog in the way I like to blog and I read blogs that are similar. 

As I stated on Monday, I greatly admire women who blog full time and earn living off of it. I also greatly admire my CPA but there is a reason I have paid him yearly for 20 years to do my taxes.  I hate dealing with money. HATE IT.   I am great at math.  I get apoplectic balancing a budget.  Also, I am highly rational and anxious thinking about trying to talk other people into buying my product or buying into my brand.  I ask myself, why on earth would they be interested in me? And then I need a glass of wine.  I find it all very stressful! 

The more I learned about blogging, the more there was to pay attention to in order to get people to love your blog. SEO, affliliations, advertising choices, customizing advertising, checking analytics, which analytics checker to use, sharing your posts here there and everywhere so people see them. Pinning, tweeting, instagramming, sharing, liking, stumbling - It is just so much to think about!!!  Way too much for me!!! I can't have a garden, keep a house clean, exercise, play with the kids, sew for fun, play King games on Facebook, read books, watch old episodes of House, watch new episodes of Call the midwife, pattern test for all my designer friends, and, last but not least, have a good marriage, if I need to spend 8 hours a day on blogging!   I just do not understand how other mothers do it! My hat is tipped to everyone who makes it work. You are amazing!


So, dear readers, are you struggling with balance in your life? Are you wishing you could be a blogging, pattern designing, fabric designing, sewing super star but finding the work it takes to be overwhelming? Are you trying to figure out how to blog and sew and craft and cook and parent and do everything else you need to do in your life? Are you having a hard time finding ways to make it all work? Well, tell me about it!!!  Seriously! Tell me about it. Vent away!! You are not alone. 


One of the great things about living in our modern world is that we can all be whom we want to be.  At this point in my life, I want to sew for fun as much as I can and enjoy my life and spend 1-2 hours a day, at most, on my blog.  What will be, will be.  When I was having a very difficult time with a very medically needy newborn, 11 years ago, this is what kept me sane, this song.

What will be, will be.....


  1. Incredible quest there. What occurred after? Good

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  2. Yes! You hit the nail on the head. I have been taking a break with summer, but I have also decided that I want to do it for enjoyment (mostly) although it does help out with my etsy shop. But really, there are so many other people out there who are amazing at it. So I have just decided to do me and blog when I can:) Good for you Kathy!

  3. Yes, so much to think about all the time! I agree. For me....I like working a lot, for some reason...though there are definitely times when I wish I'd give myself a bit of a break!