Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tutorial roundup - shirring, zippers, and embellishments

Some people call me the google queen because I love to search for answers and I am pretty good at using different terms to do those searches. I think I should have studied library science, instead of elementary education, but at least now I can put my abilities to good use. I have a bank of bookmarks I am going to share with you!

Today, I am going to share tutorials on sewing zippers, shirring, piping, and beginning appliques. Be sure to bookmark them, or at least bookmark this post!

First up, shirring! I cannot say I am an expert at this but I am getting better, due in large part to these tutorials:

1. Pink Fig Designs has some lovely patterns which require shirring so she created a very nice tutorial to help.  This is my favorite shirring tutorial because it has great step-by-step photographs and instructions.

2. TaDa! Creations has a lot of wonderful tutorials.  This one on shirring is also a tutorial on making a shirred top or dress. Free pattern! Aren't they sweet?

3. Make it and love it is another blog full of great tutorials.  Her tute on shirring even has nifty graphics and a troubleshooting list.  That is very helpful if you don't get it the first time. (like me).

4.   Last, but not least, my lovely friend Kyla at Bows-n-Bugs shows how to use shirring to make ruffled shorts!

Now for zippers!  Ooooh, skeery. Seriously, they freak me out sometimes.  I would much rather do buttons! But, some patterns require them and I am learning to sew them.

1. Make it and love it again! That Ashley is so good at tutorials!  This one, on zippers, is amazing. It really helped me feel better about zippers.  I recently put one in a hoodie, for my youngest daughter, and it looks pretty good!

2. What the craft is another website full of tutorials. They have a video on how to install an invisible zipper. I love that she says to throw out the rules!  The rules often don't make sewing sense to me anyway, so this is great!  I have not tried it yet but I have been looking at this tute for a while and thinking about it!  Someday! 

So now, how about some embellishments to try?

1.  Cottage Home mama Lindsay has a wonderful, cheery blog full of ideas.  She has two tutorials on piping.  First of all, piping basics, meaning how to use store bought piping to add detail to your sewing. 

2. Then, Lindsay came up with this tutorial on how to make your own piping.

3. Her bias tape tutorial is extremely helpful! I do love bias tape!

Aren't these all great!  Look for some more tutorial roundups, real soon.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Oh my Gosh they are so adorable and God only knows how much help i need i thank you for taking the time to help the less of a brainy ack see point taken thank you again...