Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shirring on knit fabric

For too long, I have been afraid of shirring.  So, of course, when I decide to actually try it, I decide to use cotton knit fabric. Jersey knit from Chez Ami, to be exact.  I don't know if shirring on knits is easier or harder than wovens, but what they hey.  Here I go.

So, first, I read Pink Fig's blog post on shirring . So many of her patterns involve shirring.  This very basic blog gave lots of great tips.  This is very helpful and my first few rows go great.  Wahoo!

However, later, I realize I need to add a row later and it wouldn't work!  Why, oh why? Why didn't it work?  Ack!  Bonk!  [that is the sound my mouth made, followed by the sound of my head hitting the desk]

So, what to do? Well, of course, I google everything I can on shirring and find some wonderful tutorials:

1. A great video! Gotta love a video!  Us crafty -types are visual learners, aren't we? So, here it is for you to click here. This was very helpful!!

2. Then, blog post from Pretty Ditty (great blog name!)  This one took it to another level and gave even more tips!

But, still, no go.  Sewing is happening, but it is not looking like the blog posts! What to do, what to do?  Well, if you run a sewing page on Facebook with over 500 members, you can ask there and get even more tips!  [do you belong?  Why not?  Join Handmade Dress Haven!  So, the sewing ladies on Facebook had even more tips, most importantly, if you get to the end of the bobbin, it might loosen up.  You might want to rewind!  That was a great tip.  Also, look at the bobbin cover for my Janome 5200:

Do you see the diagram? Notice where the thread is supposed to go. The stretchy elastic might not remain there during shirring.  This is a problem you can fix!

Also, I got several tips about how to thread the bobbin. Handwind it so it is not wound too tightly.  Or, use your machine to wind it so it is wound evenly, but not too tightly.  If it is not wound evenly, it can create tension problems. I decide to use my machine and give it a try. I press on the pedal slowly so it winds but not too quickly.  I hold the elastic between the spool and the bobbin so I can control how tightly it winds. I am not sure if this is a good idea, but it works! I achieve shirring enough to finish my garment!

This is Cecile, she is made using an Ottobre Pattern, from summer 2009 (3/2009).  She is made from Chez Ami jersey knit.  She is not complete.  I decided, at the last minute, to try fold over elastic. Now that I know how to shir, it is time to try something else new!  So, her neckline is incomplete.  But, she is pretty darn cute, regardless.  I will post anew when the FOE arrives!  Wahoo!

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