Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spring sewing, in Winter

Well, we had snow on the ground when I started this project. Now, all we have is mud and rain.  Gotta love the Pacific Northwest Winters. They keep you busy!

This project helped me really understand the beauty of owning a fabric and pattern stash. I bought the pattern, McCalls 5835, two years ago and had not gotten around to using it yet.  I bought the fabric, Weekends by Erin McMorris, at a local fabric store last summer. A pure whim based on my immediate love for it.  Then, Matilda Jane Clothing came out with a design for this Spring called The Flutter.  I realized I had this pattern laying around and, due to my youngest height, this would be the last time I could use it! She is already a size 4 at age three and a half.

This was a labor of love.  I altered the width a bit because it was too wide, the first go round, for my tall but skinny girl.  Then, I decided to make the ruffle a bit differently from the pattern.  I used my serger to finish both sides of each ruffle with a rolled edge.  I attached the wider ruffle first, right side to right side of the dress, as the pattern instructed.  The thinner ruffle I attached in the middle of the fabric, so it sticks up on either side.  Gives it a bit of drama, I think.  I might copy Matilda Jane entirely and look for some ribbon to go down the middle of the ruffle.  My girl likes it the way it is so I am also happy just leaving it alone.

Here is the inspiration, the Matilda Jane Clothing Company's Polly Wolly Flutter. 

It is a cute and versatile pattern!  McCalls 5835.  

And here is my Eliza Rosie Flutter!

The kitty slippers make the outfit, right?  Hee hee


  1. So cute!!
    I'm going to buy a sewing machine and have you teach me to sew.
    You are a teacher after all ;)

  2. She looks so happy. Great job!

  3. Too cute!! Great job Kathy, love this dress and the fabric you chose too!

  4. What a pretty dress, and I love the colours ......... and her choice of footwear!

  5. The kitty slippers definitely make the outfit!:) It's adorable...the colors are bright and cheerful and set off her beautiful smile.

    It looks great the way it is but it would also look nice with a ribbon, maybe light pink on the additional ruffle?

  6. Cindy, I agree. I am going shopping this week for a ribbon.