Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dolly Dresses

My girlies got new dollies for Christmas so of course that means new dolly dresses.  The first doll is named Amy and she is made by the Madame Alexander Company.   She's a Favorite Friends 18" doll.  She belongs to my 7 year old who wanted a colonial-style dress for her.  So, using a McCalls Pattern, #2609, I made this lovely dress and shawl.   The dress is not really too long.  It is just how she is sitting on the bed.  This is an easy pattern.  I will be making Amy more clothing from it very soon. The shawl, well I winged it on that one!  It is a lovely piece of lace that was finished on both edges, about 6 inches wide.  I sewed ribbon to either end so we could wrap it around her and tie it in the back. 

She needs a cap, doesn't she!  Colonial women always wore headwear. 

I also made a dress for my younger daughter's Ariel doll.  Ariel's head is much wider than her shoulders so she is hard to sew for.  I used the dress she came with to make a pattern for her.  I found some older material in my stash to use in case it did not turn out well.  It looks cute, I think!  Next up, Ariel needs a ball gown.  So, I am going to make a dress for her similar to the one above, but I have to customize it for her narrow shoulders and smaller stature. 

I am gearing up, too, for spring sewing! I have so much fun fabric to make dresses for my girls.  
I just love to look at it all!  Here's a sneak peek.  Love!


  1. The doll clothes are so much fun! I am loving your fabric selections for spring sewing. I am getting so excited about spring sewing, I can hardly stand it!

  2. I's nice to sew doll clothes as they're not too time consuming. Think of all the fun coordinating outfits you can make for the girls' dolls with the scraps from your spring sewing!