Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crafty inspiration!

I need to spend less time on the computer and I decided to get some reading material to help me make that happen. What better than crafting books! So, I took some inspiration from some of my favorite crafting mama bloggers and ordered their books. These can all be found on Amazon. I will review them when they arrive. In the meantime, behold my crafty inspiration:

The creative family by Amanda Blake Soule and her other book, Handmade Home. Amanda's blog, Soulemama, is one of my faves (see sidebar for link) and I have often turned to her for inspiration. It will be great to be able to take her ideas wherever I go.

Alicia Paulson's book is about turning keepsakes into memories. It is more than just scrapbooking, which I actually find time cons
uming and not pleasurable, but about taking precious items and reworking them i
n a way to appreciate and keep them. I am excited about this one. You can visit her blog, rosylittlethings, by clicking on that link in my sidebar. Enjoy!

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