Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to keep your bobbins organized

how to keep bobbins neat

 Check out my amazing new toy, err, sewing notion. Yes, I finally invested a small sum into making my bobbin disaster more neat and tidy. No, this is not a paid review. I am reviewing this and putting it my know to sew series because I am so pleased with this product!  I am sewing so much lately, that my bobbins were piling up in their organizer box. So, I did some research and discovered this amazing tool called the Stack 'n Store, by Nancy Zeiman for Clover.  Click on the picture below to check this baby out on Amazon!  (affiliate link, so I might earn a few cents if you buy one!)

Here is how it works.  You take your pile of bobbins and thread, untangle them, wind the thread completely around each bobbin, and insert them into the holders, as you see below. Each holder is shaped like a horseshoe and made of something like plastic or silicone, so they are bendable but they hold the bobbin in place. You can store five bobbins per level, they stack, they swivel, you can re-arrange them, you can buy more. 


Did I mention that they SWIVEL?

Stack and store bobbins

If you sew, you must have this. It really doesn't cost a lot! But it is brilliant.  Seriously!!! 


  1. What an awesome device! I love this. Thanks for sharing

  2. well, what will they think of next... this gadget looks awesome. i think un-wound bobbins are such a mess, this is exactly what i need.