Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cozy Nest Patterns Convertible/Reversible Bag pattern tour

Now it is my turn for this fab tour!!  Okay, this bag is a work of genius. Please read this whole post because once you see this bag, you are going to want to buy it. It is genius!!  It is four bags in one, it reverses, it converts!  It is a work if genius!

And, it is on sale for 25% off! The code is bagtour and you can buy the pattern here.
(Notes: I am not an affialiate but you still should buy this pattern. I was given this pattern for free as part of this blog tour but my opinions are completely my own and I swear I would not lie to you.)

very useful purse pattern

So, first of all, I made this bag twice. The first time I made this bag was with fabric I got as part of a fabric swap. You can read about it here.  I got the cutest fabric, absolutely perfect fabric for me. And I saved it for this pattern.  But, I made a mistake. I hate making mistakes. Don't you HATE making sewing mistakes. I used midweight fusible interfacing that was really too weighty for this pattern and it ruined the bag. I broke three needles AND my (beloved) clear plastic sewing foot and used my seam ripper at least a dozen times making this bag. Which was all my fault because the interfacing was too weighty. So, I ended up ripping it all apart and made just the bottom half of the bag for my 7 year old. She's happy as a clam with it. The rest of the fabric had to be tossed. I was heartbroken. 

reversible bag sewing pattern

And I thought I would have to let Sarah, of Cozy Nest, down by not blogging about it because I was not able to meet my deadline. And that was so stressful! I am a type A personality. I MEET DEADLINES!  I TURN IN HOMEWORK ON TIME. I DO NOT LET PEOPLE DOWN!  I had to capitalize that to emphasize how stressed out I was about not getting this tour sewing done. 

But, the kind and generous Sarah gave me a second chance!  She rescheduled my tour date and here I am. I made the bag again, this time with better interfacing. 
(Why are there so many choices anyway??)  
And here is my finished bag. 

Did I mention that it is FOUR bags in one!!

cozy nest reversible bag

I love this bag! It is fun and not hard to sew.  The directions are very well done and, when you have the pdf file open on your computer, there are links throughout the pattern for you to click on to go to her website to get even more visual help with putting things together. Brilliant!!  I think this is a perfect bag pattern for a woman on the go, a tween, doing on a date, whatever!  It is just so fun and clever. And a great way to use smaller pieces of fabric.  As you can see, my bag has four different fabrics, three Jennifer Paganelli Sisboom fabrics, all from my "too small to make a dress" bin. 

Now, check out the giveaway!!

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  1. Kathy, sometimes its good when things go wrong...your DD got an adorable bag ( love the fabrics!!) you learned to listen to the designers recommendation on the pattern..LOL and even under great pressure you manage to finish the bag...which is lovely!!
    ( the downside is that you broke your plastic foot...which still can't figure lout what you did?? that must of been some kind of interfacing! LOL)
    I do love the idea of the rick rack!!

    1. Liz, my needle broke sideways and took the center of the foot with it. Luckily, I wear glasses. LOL

  2. Kathy what a shame you threw out the fabric from the first bag. I can't even imagine something like that. You could have made your daughter some hair accessories but then I have a problem with throwing out fabric anything larger than 2" I keep LOLLL
    Your second bag is adorable and I love the flowers fabric. So bright and cheerful and the rick rack is a nice touch.

    1. Oh Maria, that did not even occur to me. You are so right. Thanks for the compliment, tho.

  3. Fantastic-your perseverance paid off Kathy. Thanks for hanging in there with me! It's adorable. I really like the rick rack

    1. Thank you Sarah and thank you for all your help and support.

      I LOVE ric rac!! Especially on a curve. Helps it turn easily.

  4. Sorry that you felt pressured by the deadline. I hate to sew that way.All I think about is the end product and I don't enjoy the journey. Glad you made it. You're happy, Sarah's happy and your daughter is just beaming. Sometimes things work out the way they are supposed to. The rick rack looks so cute on the clutch..

  5. EEEEEEE! That flower fabric is adorable and the ric rac is FABULOUS! I absolutely love it. I love that your daughter gets the cast-offs. That's totally what I do with my less-than-perfect results! I love that you were brave enough to try it again. The interfacing is critical in this pattern, so it's a miracle that I didn't make that same boo boo because I am FAMOUS for just using whatever interfacing I have on hand rather than making a trip to the fabric store to actually do it the right way. It was my first time using that particular type and I'm so glad I did -- it really is a terrific choice. Awesome bag!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, next time I will pay much more attention to all the different interfacing choices and not just guess. There rae so many kinds of interfacing!! It is mindboggling!!

  6. Your bag is so bright I love the ric-rac. What a shame that your first fabric choice was ruined, but the good side is your happy daughter and her new bag.

  7. I love the addition of the ric-rac! What a great idea! I love how happy your bag is :)

    1. Yes it is happy bag! Jennifer Paganelli fabric just always makes me smile.

  8. Oh you poor thing...I hate it when you are excited about making something and a fubar soon kills that excitement, however little miss looks chuffed with her bag :)

    I love bag #2 in your colourway....would be a great summer bag for meeting friends for lunch...quick trips to the shops.

    Well done on making the 2nd deadline.

    Naomi x

  9. Your second bag is waaaay cool!! so sorry you didn't get to use the fabric you loved most, but your clever "Save" sure made BIG Smile for your Kiddo! I love her lil' purse too...the fabric is Awesome! You did Super job on both projects!!

    1. Thank you! And bag number 2 is currently making my older daughter smile! So, it's a win-win. They both got new bags.