Sunday, June 23, 2013

Millie's Flutter dress pattern - review and a tutorial

I am fortunate to have some very creative sewing friends who make patterns they allow me to test for them. Not only is it fun to try new sewing ideas, but it is a great way to support each other as friends.

This week, I am proud to show you my version of Millie's Flutter dress by Millie Rose Pattern's and Sugar Bug Clothing's Melissa.  Here is Melissa's version:

 And here is my version!  This was a fun pattern. It was easy to follow. It has a few pattern pieces to print and then some rectangles to cut out.  It all comes together nicely and it can be made with the bib, as Melissa did above, or without, as I did below. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and this style is very versatile. I forsee making on in lightweight cord, for fall and winter. My daughter can easily wear a top under it for warmth.   It has elasticized, flutter sleeves and two rows of elastic in the back, so it fits great. Melissa's instructions are well done and the pieces print nicely.


Tutorial for 18" doll version of Millie's Flutter

 I got creative and made a doll version to match.  Melissa like it so much she asked me to put together this tutorial. It isn't really a tutorial, because you will use her directions, but I did design the 18" doll pattern pieces and measurements.

Here is the first dress I made, to match the one for my daughter. This is American Girl doll, Caroline.  It fits slightly above her knee.

 I made a second version for another 18" doll we have by Madame Alexander Company. It fits the same. As you can see, this one has the bib.   For other brands, please tailor as you sew, just in case her measurements are not the same.  For these two doll companies, their measurements are identical so this dress will fit.

 Step one, buy Melissa's pattern! Link is in 2nd paragraph, above. All the directions are in her pattern. You will just use my measurements and pattern pieces, as per her permission.

 Here are the measurements, in inches, for cutting straps, skirt, and sash:

Bodice back 2 X 10.5
Top tier skirt 3.5 X 21  cut 2
Middle tier 1.5 X 21 cut 2 
Skirt ruffle 21 X 4 cut 2
Sash front 3 X 7
Sash ties 2 X 14 cut 2
Bib ruffle 2 X 15
Sleeve elastic 3.5 X 1/4
Back elastic 5.25 X 1/4
Back straps should be 2" from center
Front straps align with bib or 1.5" from center

 If you want a long skirt, just add an inch to each skirt tier. Sash ties will be too narrow to fold as Melissa does in pattern so just align with topstitching of front sash.

Here is the pattern piece. This image has been sized down to fit on this blog but it will be correct size when you download it.  To begin, drag this picture from your screen to your desktop.  I have an imac so I am not sure if that will work for PC users.  If it does not, please download this image as you would normally.  When you print, you want to print entire image. Do not scale, unless it does not print correctly the first time. If you continue to have any issues, you may come to my Facebook page and message me and I will send you an attachment of the image and/or try to help in other ways.   This should print out on one 8.5 X 11 inch printer paper with the 1" square measuring correctly. If yours does not print correctly, please adjust your sizing. Contact me on Facebook for questions.

Please understand that the images in this blog are copyrighted as are Millie's Flutter directions and images. Do not copy these images to another blog or use them for any purpose.  You do not have permission to use these directions to make and sell your own pattern. You do not have permission to do anything other than share this tutorial and information, for free, with other people so they can also use this pattern for their own personal use. You have permission to use this pattern for your own personal use or to sell items made from it for small-scale, home-based businesses only. Any mass production of this pattern is forbidden. 


  1. The dress is darling on your little girl! I love the fabrics you chose.:)

  2. It looks gorgeous on your daughter! I love this age when they like the twirly dresses and get excited about the matching dress for their doll :-)