Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top stitching makes the difference!

Tonight,  I am blogging about top stitching.  Why?  It is not because my sewing is always high quality and perfect and without flaws.  It is not because my sewing could be mistaken for a professional's.  No, my sewing is actually of medium quality and I make mistakes often.  I am blogging about top stitching because it is something we could all do better and I found a great blog post explaining how to do it well.

Gigisews posted this a while ago but it is worth sharing.  Perfect topstitching – How to get itI like how Gigi explains top stitching with and without special feet.  I do not have any special feet for my machine but I am learning how to do a better and better job of top stitching with just my regular foot.  It is tedious work and it requires patience and a good seam ripper but it makes such a difference. 

Top stitching makes the difference between your items looking homemade and well-made.   

 Here's an example where I think I did it well.  I don't always do it this well!

This is one reason it takes me so long to get sewing done!  Not having any fancy feet means I do a lot of my stitching in tedious, time-consuming techniques.  I ruffle by hand or I pleat by hand. I iron at every step.  I serge all edges as I sew so I don't have to deal with straggly fibers.   I hope my work shows it!  

Sewing requires patience and involves a steep learning curve.  I am still learning a lot and have a lot to learn.

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  1. I agree with your article - I'm an average sewer trying to improve and sewing involves a steep learning curve!
    I must admit though that I love the various 'fancy' feet - but then again I'm a bit of a gadget-a-holic!!!