Friday, June 17, 2011

Fave new fabric 3: Outfoxed

In my fun job (unpaid) managing Handmade Dress Haven on Facebook, I get to look at a lot of different fabric.  I also sew a bit for others and my own family, so between all of that, I see a lot of fabric each week.  It is not often I see something that is truly unique.  So, posting my favorite new fabrics is not just about what I like but what is currently unique!

One line that is also coming out soon is called Outfoxed and is from Lizzy House at Andover.  Lizzy's Castle Peeps, 1001 Peeps, and Red Letter Day all have similar themes and prints as Outfoxed so they all, in a way, coordinate.  They are all so unique as to make me think of them as special. Plus, with the plethora of bird prints out there right now, foxes are special!  Here is a collage of my faves from this line:

I especially love this one, foliage in green.  These greens are among my favorite colors. 

I also just love these foxes!  I am not sure what they are doing running around the forest but they are very cute and yet abstract and geometric at the same time.  I am not an artist but I can imagine that it was a bit of genius to do all of that together!

This line comes out this fall!  Be sure to watch for it in stores for preorder soon!


  1. That fox fabric is adorable! It would be perfect for clothing for fall.

  2. I love Lizzy House--those foxes are amazing!

  3. Nice fabric, it was fascinating and fabulous. I love also foliage green, Thank you for sharing.

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