Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I made another skirt today. It is from the same Etsy pattern mentioned in my last post.  It is such an easy pattern to make and yet it looks really cute and fresh and stylish.  I love it!  And you can see that the new owner does as well. 

I also made a dress for Barbie, with some leftover material.  No pattern, just built it on her.  That was easier said than done when it came to finishing this tiny garment.  But I think it is cute and my little girls loves.  That is all that counts. 

Close up of Barbie in her new stylin' dress.   
Cap sleeves, darts in front to show off her waist, gathered skirt is a bit poofy.  
Velcro closure in back.   Making a ruffled skirt for such a tiny waist is hard!

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  1. Adorable! I've given up on sewing Barbie clothes...its' hard!