Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally! An twirly skirt and matching top

It took me a while but I finally finished the twirly skirt to match the Rosalie Ottobre top I made for my oldest daughter.  She picked out the fabrics and I think they look darling.  When she gets home from a playdate, I will take a picture of the whole outfit on her.

First, I used Chez Ami knit to make an Ottobre Rosalie shirt.  I blogged about it here, here, and here.

Then, I used this twirly skirt pattern from Tiedyediva and Monkeysbug on Etsy.   This is my first PDF pattern and it was very easy to use.  They did a great job writing it and the pictures were spot on and super helpful.  I highly recommend these two ladies' patterns.  Check them out!

Finally, I had enough fabric left over to make a dress for Wendy, my daughter's doll.  Since they look somewhat alike, I figured they should have a coordinating outfit.  Wendy's top is purple so I added some Valori Wells' fabric that tied the whole thing together.  All in all, a really fun project.   Next up, the same thing for the younger daughter, but in a cotton voile this time. 

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