Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three redos and two bandaids later......

I finally got the dress and leggings done from Ottobre Spring 2007. I am so happy with them! This fabric is from Chez Ami. The leggings are from a cotton lycra and the dress is a cotton jersey. The turquoise trim is also Chez Ami and is a cotton interlock. I just love them! These are wonderfully easy fabrics to work with.
So, why three redos and two bandaids? Because the first attempt at the top of the dress turned out way too wide at the shoulders. The second attempt was too narrow at the waist. The third attempt had the sleeves not inserted correctly. During all of this stitch ripping, I managed to stab myself twice in two different fingers with my new tool, Gingher 4 inch featherweight thread snips. I love this tool for ripping seams out and cutting small thread, but dang are the ends sharp! I stabbed myself twice!

So, at any rate, here is the finished result, patterns # 11 and #17 from Spring 2007 Ottobre.

Ta da!

You might notice that the waist is not lying flat like it is in Ottobre. I decided I liked the fullness and left it that way.

She is wearing the leggings with a diaper today because we are being lazy. But she is potty learning and will be more and more in underwear. So, these will look better with less bulk underneath. They are meant to be capris length.

I really like this pattern and now that I have gotten over making so many mistakes, I am planning to use more of these pieces in other Chez Ami fabrics.


And since one sister cannot have all the attention to herself, here is my older daughter in a dress I made for her last summer from a McCalls pattern. It did not fit back then but she has grown into it. It has a ribbon tie in the back to help it from falling off her shoulders and also to add a pretty touch.


  1. Wow! A woman of many talents are you! What lucky, lucky girls.

  2. I can hardly get past the cutie in the Chez Ami outfit to see the outfit! She is adorable! The outfit turned out really well. And I love dress you made for your older daughter. I like the ribbon back.

  3. The dresses are so cute. Great work.

  4. The bright colors on the first dress look gorgeous on your youngest! It's a cute outfit.

    The second dress looks great too! I bet it has a lot of twirl to it.

  5. Very cute! Love the colors!

    Where you able to rip the seams out of knit? I never can get them out without making holes!

  6. Yes, I was able to rip them but I used these tiny shears I have, not seam rippers. So, I snipped them!

  7. Hi Kathy! Such darling dresses! And your little girl is super adorable, so cute! Love all your Ottobre sewing. I only attempted 2 from Ottobre so far mainly because many cute designs are knits and we don't have knits yardage here in Malaysia.