Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Buttons, buttons, buttons

To make the Rosalind T-shirt form Ottobre Summer 2009, I need 13 cute buttons to put around the neckline. So, of course, I have to spend HOURS online looking for them last night. They had to please me, fit the pattern's needs, and make my daughter happy. Finally, I found these and I think they are going to be perfect. They are from Overspill's shop on Etsy, which has many lovely vintage trimmings, haberdashery, and sewing supplies. I got 6 of each button so I can make the same shirt for my younger daughter, too.


  1. I LOVE these buttons!!! Thank you so much for sharing your source!!

  2. Aw - thank you. I'm so glad you like them and I always love to hear what people do with the things they buy!