Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Charliemackadoodle dolly dress

I love the Burlap Button Charlimackadoodle pattern.  In case you wonder about the name, some of us on Facebook had the privilege of knowing the late Carole Barkan. Her nickname was "Charliemack," for her grandkids.  After she died, Kristi, of Burlap Button, named her dress pattern in honor of Carole.  The Charliemackadoodle is a great pattern and Carole, looking down from heaven, is proud of Kristi. Combine the pattern with the BB Tummy Topper, and you have infinite variety for tops, tunics, and dresses.

Coming soon, there will be a dolly version!  At our house, this is great news because, well, dressing dolls is fun! I say our because, yes, I do participate!  Here are some sneak peaks of my version of the Charliemackadoodle Dolly dress.  I will let you know when it goes up for sale!!

This is My American Girl Amy.  She is one of the AG dolls you pick to look like your daughter.  As you can see, this pattern is adorable! It comes together easily. It took me about an hour from cutting to finish.  I used all scraps, so that was awesome. The only problem I had was with the rolly polly stripe lycra knit. Boy, did that neck binding roll like crazy.  Even starch did nothing. So, I had to pin and pin and pin, to get it to look nice. But it looks nice!! AG Amy is an 18" doll. We also have Madame Alexander 18" dolls and the dress also fits them. So, this should work great for all your 18" dolls!

I paired this dress with a pair of Jocole Basic Knit Leggings, which come with the 18" doll version. All Jocole patterns come with the 18" doll version!

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