Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions, part 1

Happy New Year to everyone! I figure it is New Year's Day already in much of the world, even if it is still December here in the Pacific Northwest.  I want to wish everyone a grand 2014, full of health, happiness, joy, success, not too much failure (because we do grow from those experiences), and much crafting.  Do you have resolutions? I have three!  

One, two stop feeling and being dumpy. I am going to reclaim my spirit and exercise and eat better and be the active, energetic person I feel I am in my heart.  

Two, I am going to sew and craft more, at least an hour a day.  

Three, I am going to blog more! I love reading craft blogs and I enjoy the connection I make to others so I pledge to increase that communication. 

These are three manageable goals, I believe, so I WILL be able to meet them. 

Here's a snippet of crafting to come at Handmade Dress Haven

First of all, I am going to sew mostly from my stash. I have enough fabric! I can sew a lot from only my stash, minor exceptions, and, to further that goal, I have joined the Stash to Cash 2014 group on Facebook. 

Minor exception is for more Jennifer Paganelli fabric so I can make this lovely group she gifted me into something for me. Perhaps a Sisboom Jenny!

This is going to become a baby outfit for a neighbor! 

Some tops for me!

From this pattern, Mamu Designs Ulla.

As I get down in weight, these patterns are waiting for me!

First off, however, is some clothing for my 10 year old tween. She fits kinda into larger Ottobre sizes, kinda into extra small Ottobre woman sizes. She's growing up too fast!!  At least, she lets me sew for her still.

Happy happy to you!


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  1. Great resolutions you have there Kathy! Mine would have to be to create my own pattern based on my measurements & sew my own clothing in 2014. I have changed so much physically after baby Erfan I just don't fit into any of the standard off the rack clothing anymore. I don't know if I should start bawling or laugh (in manic depressive style) right now :'(