Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to sewing! First up, Nelle goes to sea!

After a lovely summer of travelling around, with my girls, visiting family, it is nice to be home and back into a routine. That includes sewing!  School has already started for my nine year old, and I have made some things for her to wear out of some beautiful Free Spirit Karavan Knits. I will share that later. 

First up for sharing, I am excited to finally try the Brownie Goose Nelle pattern.  Amy, of Brownie Goose, is a sewing friend from Facebook and I have been waiting for the perfect thing to use for this feminine little dress.  I found it in the Out to Sea Fabrics from Sarah Jane.  I particularly love the Ship Flowers in Navy.   This was an easy pattern to sew and the directions are great. I highly recommend it.  I plan on making more of these!  I hope my cutie pie wears this tomorrow for her first day of kindergarten!  It is a bit cool here in the Pacific Northwest so she added a white tee underneath.


Yes, indeed, I also made a doll version! The pattern does not come with a doll version but I succeeded in figuring it out myself. I shrunk the pattern to 25% of scale. On my Mac, I did this by going to page setup and substituting 25% where it used to say 100%.  This turned out to be too small so I tried again with 35%.  Cutting out the pattern pieces and holding them up to Baby Pearl helped me figure this out.  I used the 6 mos size from the 35% scale pattern.  This worked great, except it was a tad too short.  No worries!  My 5 year old suggested an underskirt. Voila! This was a kinda fun thing to do except for the bias tape under the arms.  That was really really not fun at all!  If I do this pattern again for this doll, I will figure something else out. My tired hands!


  1. The dress is gorgeous, and I love the fabrics you picked, and the doll's dress too :-) I hope she has a good first day at kindergarten, and that you'll be ok too.

  2. The new dress is darling and how fun is it that her doll has a matching dress?! Too cute!

  3. Kathy, love the dress it looks so cute! I must make some Nelles to I've had the pattern for so long... And your sweet little one is bigger & taller now, how time flies!!