Saturday, July 14, 2012

New patterns, new school, new year!

Back from vacation and now it is time to think about the next school year!  Yes, school has  been out for three weeks but it is time to start sewing for next year. My soon-to-be kindergartner is going to have a lot of mama-made clothes to wear and my soon-to-be fourth grader will have some, so I need to plan.  

In preparation, I have ordered some lovely fabrics!  

From my lovely friend Melissa's shop, Treasure Bay, on Etsy, I ordered a bunch of pin dots to use as blenders with other fun fabrics I have bought from her in the past. Aren't these fun!  These will mostly be for the kindergartner.

From, I ordered some Valori Wells Karavan knits. These look gorgeous and will be lovely tops for my 9 year old.  These are a knit jersey with 4% spandex, so I have high hopes they will make nice comfy clothing. 

I next chose some 21 Wale cord from Robert Kaufman. This is a great, light-weight cord, perfect for dresses and tops.  

 Lovely stuff,  huh?   I really do love sewing with these cords, they are easy to use and drape perfectly for girl's wear.

And, finally, a big hunk of Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey Knit in Navy. 

I think this is all going to make a pretty wardrobe for my girls! Now, what to do with it?

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