Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two weeks? What has Kathy been up to?

I can't believe I have not blogged in two weeks! My oldest daughter has been sick and I guess I just got distracted. She was exhausted almost every day for two weeks, to the point where I had her tested for mono.  Luckily, it came back negative.  I guess she just had a mystery virus. She is now better.  

But, I still found time to do some sewing.   I got very excited about the new Ottobre magazine and made this outfit for my youngest.  It is a tee with attached skirt and shorts.

Then, I made this love top for a customer.  This is almost all Robyn Pandolph Flirt fabric, which I love.  The last of my stash, sadly, but a pretty way to use it.

I do not make a lot of remakes of other people's designs, but the same customer asked for this and I was able to get the fabrics, so here it is.
 And with the leftovers, I made her soon-to-born baby this version!  The shorts are an Ottobre pattern that I tossed in for free from fabric snippets.

This weekend, I cut out the pieces for my quilt project! I am doing the Patchwork Prism Quiltalong with Sweet Diesel.  Here are some samples of what I cut today.

Here are some blues:

 And here are some pinks:

And it is all organized in files, waiting to be sewn.   I sew for myself and the family only on weekends, so next weekend I will begin this project!  During the week, I sew for others and have some pretty dresses to work on this week.

What to do with all the scraps?

I woke up this morning to a lovely Mother's Day Card, made by my two girls. If you are a mom, I hope you had a happy day!

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