Thursday, April 5, 2012

Portrait of an artist

I grew an artist in my womb and now that she is out in the world, I still try to foster her creativity and help her thrive.  She loves to draw and was recently inspired by Project Runway Allstars to start designing her own clothing. Here is a recent design that she drew, something she wanted very much to have me sew for her.

Those are raspberries on the dress.  We spent a long time looking for fabric to match that, went to all three quilt shops in town, Joann Fabrics, looked on Etsy.  Finally, I found Moda Redwork Renaissance Cherries Porcelain at Sisters and Quilters on Etsy.   We were thrilled! Even though she envisioned raspberries, this cherry print fit the bill. Then, I remembed I had a copy of Portabellopixie Gracie pattern and I knew how to make her vision a reality! 

So, here it is!  Voila!  One tween vision come true.  She just turned nine and doesn't like little girl clothing anymore, so I am very happy to find something I could make for her that makes her happy.


  1. I love her attention to detail in her drawing! She has a great eye for fashion.:) And kudos to mama for making her drawing come to life!

  2. This is wonderful. I love her drawing and you brought it to life perfectly. She must be thrilled, I'm looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with.

  3. A lot of what she draws is quite sophisticated, like Japanese-style kimonos or outfits with wings! My sewing needs to improve a bit to tackle those! But thanks!