Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting organized and a bit of sewing

So, the theme of the new year is new beginnings and, of course, you cannot begin anew if your work space is a mess.   So, today, I took a look at my sewing area.   This is what I saw:

Sewing table, notions drawers, and work area = MESSY!!!

Fabric everywhere!!!  Box for new sewing machine still out!

What a mess!  I decided it had to be cleaned up but I would work on this organizational project in steps.  Step one, clean up the basic clutter so I can actually sew. 

Ah.  Much better.  The grey boxes are outgrown clothing from my girls' closets.  I need to sort through them, in the next few weeks, and sell it all on ebay or take them to a consignment store.  When those bins are empty, I am going to organize my woven fabrics and knit fabrics so that the shelf next to my sewing machine has only the fabric for upcoming projects.  Everything else will go in those bins.  Until I get a better storage system, this is how I do it.  I open the bins enough that the fabric gets aired frequently.  So, it is safe and sound in those bins.  

I did not take a picture of the work area because that is still a mess.  I am finishing up some projects and will clean it when they are done and I can better organize.  Today, I made cloth napkins and placemats for my parents.   On the new machine, it was a breeze!  I made four of the placemats you see below and four of each kind of napkin. 

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