Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peas in a pod!

I got to try out this pattern before it was released.  It is really easy to make and super cute!  I made it a few weeks ago but have not blogged about it because I was waiting to give it to a friend at her shower.  So, here it is, the Peas in a pod from Tiedyediva's pattern.  Super cute, huh?  I lucked out and found this fleecy-type fabric on the remnant rack at Joann's.  I was not sure what to put inside because the mama I gave it to is super crunchy and I did not want to put anything unhealthy inside.  So, I ended up with some cellophate wrap that came with Fabric Fairy fabric and a wee kitty collar bell.  I figured the kitty collar bell is small enough, and packed inside the batting so well, that a teething baby could possibly get to the metal.  And the other two peas have cellophane packed inside.  So, two peas go crinkle and one goes ding!  Heehee!