Monday, December 7, 2009

Felt cookies

For some reason, I am enamored of felt cookies. They are just so pretty and sweet to look at. So, I got it in my head I could make my own. It was easy and fun and my 6 year old daughter had a great time helping me. All I did is take two pieces of same color felt as one cookie, decorate the top, and then sew the pieces together. If the cookie was supposed to have been cut by a cookie cutter, I used my good scissors to carefully trim edges. Otherwise, I used pinking shears to give them a rougher look. I either glued on or sewed on decorations. My 6 year old is in love with them!

Here they are, with a closeup of my three favorites. The white cookie has little shiny lavender beads sewn on to look like sprinkles.

Next up, I may have to investigate making a felt cake for tea time!

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  1. Check out for felt food toy patterns!