Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homemade Halloween

Happy Halloween!

My girls wanted to be witches this year and I decided to make their costumes myself. I bought two long sleeved black tees at Target and some fabric and tulle at Joann's Fabric Store.  We found hats and wigs at various places.  Voila!  Halloween costumes. 

Here is how I did it without patterns!!

Big girl's skirt is lace fabric cut into strip long stripes, each gathered and sewn to the shorter one.  Then, I made an elastic waistband.  Voila!  Lacey tiered witch skirt.  She wears black leggings underneath.  Her top was long sleeved but I cut the sleeves halfway between elbow and wrist and sewed on more lace.  I stretched the sleeves as long as they would go to sew on a circle of lace I had cut and sewed to be 4X the regular length of the cuff.  It worked!  Voila!  Lacy cuffed sleeve.  She is wearing my black velvet gloves from some formal event many moons ago and a cute hat we got on sale last year after Halloween.  She added a velvet vest over the top for detail. 

Little girl's tutu is made from strips of tulle cut 3-4 inches wide and knotted onto an elastic sewn to fit her waist.  I took one black and one purple piece of tulle together and knotted them in the middle on the skirt.  It is supposed to look messy and it does!  She did not want lacey sleeves so she is just wearing it with black leggings and a black tee.  Her hat and wig are something I found on sale a few days ago.

I also made myself a witch outfit and will post those pics later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

From disfunctional to functional (aka, look at my new sewing space)

I have been sewing in the dining room for a year and a half now and the space has become unusable as my stash and project list has grown.  Just look at it!

 As we approach holiday season, I realized I need to do something about my dining room!  So, here is what I did!  First of all, our playroom had an extra wall with nothing on it. 

 And I organized my daughter's crafting area.  Her stuff is now all in the white three drawer bin you can see in bottom right corner of this picture.   
She will have plenty of space to craft and I can use the space now, too!
 I was lucky to have my mom give me her old sewing table.  She prefers the dining room table.  LOL!  So, here it is with the stool from our drum kit.  I am being creative.  I put notions and current projects in the drawers to the right, future projects on the shelves to the left, and the fabric stash in the bins on the far left.  As soon as I clean out the storage closet, they will move into it. 

 As you can see from picture below, I have a nice view of the front yard from our family room basement and I can talk to my cat, Pete, while I sew.
 Hi Pete!
 Here is the craft bar with serger at one end.  Plenty of room for everyone's crafts!

The dining room, all cleaned up!  
Finally, my grandmother's dining room set can be the focus, instead of the mess.